Efficat actually refers to the abbreviation of efficiency cat, a new concept of time-saving cat litter to provide cat lovers with more convenient and practical care methods. Since 1998, when I was engaged in cat industry in France, I have set up Efficat brand in Taiwan. I hope to provide more convenient product information in Taiwan pet market, change consumer's perception, and educate consumers to have correct concepts in the professional field.

         The brand appeal of Efficat shows us how to provide consumers with convenience and efficiency by observing pets and caregivers carefully. What value does it bring to consumers? Like our overall packaging design of cat litter, in addition to the unique quality of the product, easy to take, the weight of the packaging is calculated, in line with the load taken by consumers, and even the image on the packaging. Cats focus on our image, and develop simple cat litter to the extreme, so as to meet the needs of cat lovers. This is the brand professionalism that efficat really pursues.

         Efficat cat litter currently has five product lines, flower-scented crystal cat litter, odorless crystal cat litter, highly efficient condensation type, health detection type cat litter and half-moon crystal cat litter.

         Flower-scented crystal cat litter and light flower-scented crystal cat litter are specially developed for the Taiwan market. Taiwanese like to have flavor, but in fact cats do not like to have flavor.

         Condensed crystal cat litter, food-grade high-efficiency water absorption in a short time will reduce urine and semen into a hard and odorless spherical condensation, which can be directly removed after condensation, is purely to provide the feelings of caregivers, consumers will feel that they do not need to start, but will fear, will there be problems.

          Testing crystal cat litter, because cats do not like drinking water, can observe the cat's physical condition from the color of cat litter, as human blood pressure is generally better than prevention treatment. (Now there are pet urine tests at home abroad.) This cat litter only provides measurement of non-treatment, after three days of observation, you have to take the situation to the veterinarian. France also has this product line, which even veterinarians are encouraged to use, because veterinarians have specifically called to ask him why he feels particularly amazing, why consumers will know cats are in condition.

          "Effectiveness is not price competition. We focus on quality. Additional value for pets is what we pursue. Effectiveness, convenience, practicality and value are the demands of brands. "